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Promoting POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS with dogs & their human companions through result based, science based, FORCE-FREE training & Pet Care

Do YOU WANT a dog that is socially engaging & friendly to other dogs and humans?

DO YOU want a dog who can sit & stay, talk & shush on command?

 These socially wanted behaviours do not come naturally to a dog. 

It must be taught from the first day it is born and be reinforced for its lifespan.

We have created many INDIVIDUALIZED DOG PROGRAMS that are specifically designed to maximize the best results for YOUR DOGS Age, Breed and Unwanted Behaviours.


Ilayna has been looking after Claire since she was a puppy. Her home is is warm & welcoming and she treats her like she is her own. When boarding, she always sends us pictures & videos on a daily basis. We have tried several Trainers/Behaviourist but were unsatisfied with the results. She is very professional when training one-on-one and goes beyond by making sure we have done our "homework". She has truly taught us how to be consistent and to train without force and pain. We highly recommend her for both boarding and private training.​
Sarah & Brandon Brady
Marketing Executives